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Smoothly Relocating with Kids and Pets - A How-To Guide

Mark Anthony
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Smoothly Relocating with Kids and Pets - A How-To Guide
Moving to a new home can be incredibly disruptive, especially for young children and pets who thrive on consistency and routine. With some preparation and TLC, families can minimize stress and help everyone adjust to the transition. This guide covers actionable tips to make relocating as seamless as possible when kids and furry friends are involved.

For Children, Advance Preparation is Key

Give kids ample warning about an upcoming move, ideally a few months. Drive by the new neighborhood to help them become familiar and excited. Have them pack special “moving boxes” of beloved toys and books that will be unpacked first. Maintain bedtime routines during packing for normalcy. Frame it as a fun adventure and discuss the parts they’ll enjoy like decorating their room. 

For Pets, Gradual Exposure is Crucial 

Slowly get pets used to travel crates and short drives, which simulates the sensations of moving day. Request vet records early and transfer prescriptions. Update microchip details ahead of time. Set up one comfortable “pet zone” room at first for decompression. Maintain feeding schedules before and after. Use pheromones and treats to reduce anxiety.

Execute a Kid/Pet-Friendly Moving Day Game Plan

Keep wake-up and mealtimes consistent on moving day. Give kids and pets special new toys and treats reserved just for the event. Clearly label carriers and take photos of pets with family for identification. Assign kids specific moving jobs so they feel involved. Make it fun with games, songs, and plenty of breaks.

The Key is Ample Preparation, Patience and Maintaining Normalcy

With proper warnings, adjusted expectations, dedicated spaces, and injected fun, families can reduce relocation stress and help every member embrace the fresh start together. The effort pays dividends through smooth transitions and settled contentment in your new ideal living space.

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