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Why You Benefit from Using a Buyer’s Agent

Olivia Irwin
Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Why You Benefit from Using a Buyer’s Agent

With the competitive nature of the current real estate market in Calgary that has been caused by a lack of resources and a surplus of people needing homes, having an agent as a buyer can make a world of difference. Finding a realtor that you can rely on as a buyer at this time is imperative because many realtors are finding an issue in the volume of competing offers that listed houses are receiving. Although this can be a positive thing for sellers, because it raises the value of their home, it is frustrating and complicated to deal with as a buyer. When you have your own agent who is looking out for your needs and is motivated to get the best for you, they will also be motivated to jump on opportunities for you in order to mitigate the chances of a bidding war.


Some people looking to buy a home do not think it is worth it to acquire the help of a real estate agent. As a result of this, they are contacting listing agents after houses have been advertised online, which means many other buyers will have also seen the ads and be interested in the house as well. With the high volume of communication that listing agents will be dealing with in such a competitive market, they will not be as motivated to look out for the needs of the buyer. The basis of shopping for a new house is that you are looking, and that some may not be what you want or need! Imagine if, as a listing agent in such a competitive market, you provide ten potential buyers with information and eight of them decide the house they are selling is not what they are looking for, that is a lot of effort put in by the listing agent for only a 20% return on results. This can be very frustrating, which is why having your own agent is important. 


First of all, when you have your own agent, they have inside knowledge that can mean you place an offer on a house the moment it is active in the market. This can greatly decrease the chances of the sellers considering a competing offer. Second, your agent is working for YOU, the listing agent isn’t! Having your own agent to deal with communications and who is personally invested in finding you the perfect home, as well as being a professional in the field who will be able to decipher contracts and waivers, is in your best interest. Having your own agent to help you through the buying process is an amazing advantage, especially while competition for homes is so frequent.


The Dione Irwin Team can help you find a realtor that understands your goals, as well as help you avoid the stress of dealing with a bidding war. Find your perfect fit today by following this link to Dione’s wonderful team of professionals!

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